The new music video for "Shadow on the Wall" was released on on November 24th 2010. It was filmed in Los Angeles, and directed by E.D.B. "Shadow on the Wall" There was a spontaneous dancer that wandered on to the film set while the performance was going on. The director decided to keep the action rolling, and the footage was used in the video, and was a memorable moment.


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The Dean Bruni CD titled "These Robot Days" was released on March 3, 2009. It's now available through CD Baby and ITunes.

The songs are an eclectic array of songs somewhere between Americana Rock, and Brit Pop, sometimes described as a movie for the ears. "These Robot Days" takes the listener on a journey though the stories that weaves through this album. It features the creative rock guitar virtuosity of Dean Bruni on many songs, and his unique voice which gives the album a sort of Rock/Americana feel at times, and at other times a Lennon/McCartney vibe. The album is also sonically lush at times and stripped down on songs like "I Feel You" and the song "Your Time" which is reminiscent of Nick Drake.

Getting help on the percussion side of things, with Nick Battani and Kevin Defro on drums. Nick plays for the Brit band Caffeine, and the American band Living Dead Lights. Kevin Defro also provides backing vocals on "Three Steps Backwards". Longtime friend Steve Rosenstein plays violin on two tracks, and did an exceptional job on the song "Heal" which is a U2-ish rock ballad featuring a string section and Dean's version of "The Edge" in a few key moments of the song.

The record was started in the summer of '08 with a few minor set backs. Originally the record was going to be an acoustic record, but after some consideration it was decided that full instrumentation would be used. There are currently 13 total on the album, with one cover, Peter Gabriel's "Mercy Street"